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Mogôk - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires
by Ted Themelis

Mogôk - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires is the first major and the most comprehensive work in recent years on the fabled gem-mining district of Mogôk in Upper Burma (Myanmar). This millennium edition is written by Ted Themelis over a three-year period of exhaustive original research and firsthand experience on the legendary and forbidden Mogôk Ruby Land. The book examines the fascinating story of the famous gem mines of Mogôk. It takes you to a breathtaking journey through the Ruby Wars, legends, myths, folklore and tales of Old Burma describing the Ruby People, their customs, traditions, religion and superstitions.

Mogôk - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires is more than a book. It combines incisive text and vivid photojournalism, providing a stunning visual feast of the most exciting sights of Mogôk along with information not available anywhere else.


  • List: US$99 including shipping worldwide
  • Format:Hardcover, 8.5"x11"
  • 270 full color pp.
  • Over 600 color illustrations
  • Publisher: A&T Pub. (USA)
  • Pub. Date: December 2000
  • ISBN: 0-940965-20-8
6-9 copies 25% DISCOUNT
10-24copies 35%DISCOUNT
25+ copies 50% DISCOUNT


  • Over 600 full-color photos, including many rare historical photographs published for the first time
  • Over 20 historical maps, including a satellite image and a city-map of Mogôk, most of them published for the first time
  • Numerous Burmese color paintings by the famous school of Saya Saw, drawings and sketches
  • Extensive authoritative history of Mogôk since the beginning of the last millennium, based on original research work
  • Overview of the trading of Mogôk rubies and sapphires since the sixteenth century
  • Extensive description and sale prices of notable Mogôk rubies and sapphires throughout history
  • Sale prices of the Myanmar Gem Enterprise Emporium auction since the 1960s
  • Burmese terminology and glossary on gem trading and lapidary

Selected Reviews

“I hardly have words to tell you what a remarkable achievement I think it is. You have truly put an astounding work together, laced it with incredible historical documents and pictures. This is the definitive work on Mogok. Congratulations, Bravo! -R. Weldon, Professional Jeweler

" admirable introduction to a facinating area with pleasures on every page."
-Journal of Gemmology, Winter 2001, p. 501

"Mogok-Valley of Rubies & Sapphires" is a must for every gemologist's library. It captures all aspects of Mogok's gem and jewelry industry -the history, romance, intrigue and, most importantly the enchantment of a truly enchanted land."-Gems & Gemology, Fall 2001, p. 247

"This book offers a unique view of the town, its inhabitants, its mines, and its gemstones-courtesy of its illustration by vast number of images of great historical significance....A well written, superbly illustrated, and well published book which clearly presents the definitive history of the fabled source of high quality rubies and sapphires that gemmologists refer to with admiration as Mogok rubies and sapphires..."-Australian Gemmologist, Fall 2001

"[Ted Themelis] gives a trustworthy account of the culture, the religion, the complex ethnic composition of the [Mogok] people ... we learn as much about the riches of the local cuisine or the changes of fashion in clothes, as about the organizations of he mines under the British occupation of the past or the present rulers who govern the destiny of the region."-Prof. Dr. H. A. Hanni, SSEF, Switzerland (Dec.2000)

"I did not read the book..... I literally devoured it! As one of the very few privileged Westerners having spent many days in Mogok, I know what it means to get accurate information from the Burmese 'Ruby People' as they could not differentiate myth from reality. I remember how many nights I had to spend drinking green Shan tea with the 'Mogokians' in order to try to figure out the historical facts and the truth about the rubies they romanced so much, as if they were 'Buddha's finest gems'..... My friend Ted made a tremendous research work of academic value to document the true history of Burma, of Mogok and of its most famous treasures. This book is the first complete account on this subject. Ted, you did a great job... I know how great it is!"
-Roland Schlüssel, BUCHERER Ltd, Lucerne, Switzerland (July 5, 2001)

"This new book is unique in the deep research involved in the project... This coffee table style book is never boring, because the information is presented in an interesting manner. Many say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you will be treated to a plethora of never before seen maps and photographs.... This book is meant to be enjoyed and to enlighten you about Burma. It will give you a unique historical perspective. Further, if you cannot, or have no desire to, visit Burma, owning this book is the next best thing. You can see exactly what it is like from the abundant photos. The book is almost a travelogue, with original maps for a trip from Mandalay to Mogok. This is an ideal publication for anyone who collects Burma gemstones." -Gemstone Forecaster, Vol.19, No.3, Fall 2001

"I would like to say that your book is the best I have seen so far on the subject of rubies & sapphires." -Peter Grumitt, Dec 25, 2001

"Your latest book, 'Mogok- Valley of Rubies and Sapphires', is a wonderful addition to my library. While my technical knowledge of the subject is rather extensive, the information this book contains has added an invaluable facet to my understanding, appreciation, and love of these magnificent gems and the mysterious land from which they come. Visually this book is nothing short of riveting, and the insights you give into the life and ways of Mogok's people, and the rubies and sapphires with which they are inextricably intertwined, is a powerful achievement and adds a whole new dimension to their allure. It is a book that every ruby and sapphire connoisseur will chersih -and treasure almost as much as the gems described therein! Congratulations on another superb work." -Antoinette Matlins, PG Author, Jewelry & Gems:The Buying Guide (July 11, 2001)

"In his latest publication 'Mogok - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires', Mr. Themelis has produced the most consummate and unrivaled book on the history, life and inner beauty of the Mogokian people. Never before have I seen such insight into a mining community, especially that of mysterious Mogok. And Ted speaks in that persona voce style that makes you feel a part of what is happening. The wonderful pictures alone make this book a must have treasure. Please ship me two more books."-Bear Williams, Bear Essentials Co.(June 27, 2001)

"I just finished reading your book 'Mogok-Valley of Rubies & Sapphires,' and because I am somewhat familiar with Burma (Myanmar), I wanted to let you know that I found the content of your book to be very realistic and true to life. The sections on the history of the valley were highly interesting to me and over all I think it is a fascinating picture of one of the great ruby producing areas of the world."-Dave Glickman, Lambert Holding Co. Ltd., Bangkok (June 21, 2001)

"Thanks so much for giving us a rare glimpse at the colorful history surrounding the gem trade in Burma and a close look at the people behind it. I absolutely loved this book with its exquisite photographs and intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the real people of Mogok and how the gem trade has developed there. This is one of the finest books ever added to my personal library. Congratulations on a job well done!" -Barbara Lapatapanlop, Bangkok (June 22, 2001)

" I received your book and I would like to say what a fantastic work it is..... This is a very scholarly work and I am sure it will be received as a classic in not only gem circles but also as a historical contribution. Congratulations to you guys for the research and organization..."
-Dr.Mack F. Guinn, Houston, TX (August 4, 2001)

"I can say that the rarity and value of this book are determined by certain criteria, fact, relevant to the literary merit of his work. Considering the most desirable and rare book, "Mogok- Valley of rubies and sapphires" can put in this category for collectors who fall in love with travel books integrating with the academic knowledge of the famous gemstone source of the world."
-Dr.Wilawan Atichat, Dept. of Mineral Resources, Bangkok, Thailand (September 5, 2001)

"Mogok - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires is a wistful, loving look at one of the most legendary focal points of gemstone history. And it's a must for any serious gem lover's bookshelf."
-GK Magazine (March-April 201)

" I have just read your book Mogok-valley of Rubies and sapphires and would like to say how much I enjoyed it. Your photographs are truly wonderful and your writings have giving me a great insight into the new and old world of Burmese gems, the people and the mining industry."
-Aaron Phyall (New York, USA, Febr. 2003)

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