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Gemology is an observational science. There are two levels of gemological education. The fist level is the “traditional gemology”, a series of courses taught at the fundamental level. The second level of the gemological education is “forensic gemology” focused on treated gems and gem treatments. Forensic gemology goes beyond the traditional gemology and requires special gem treatment equipment/apparatuses, extensive reference of treated-untreated gems and actual on-hands experimentation. Since 2002 in our GEMLAB gem treating facility in Bangkok, Thailand, we have taught more than 200 gemologists and members of our industry forensic gemology, a hard-core, 6-day training course on gem treatments.

No gemological education is completed without clear understanding of the gem treatments no matter how many gemological degrees you will be awarded. Though various courses are offered by famous (and not so famous gemological schools) the student will never realize and comprehend the tremendous impact of the gem treatments in this industry. Unlock the secrets and mystery of the gem treatments in a surprisingly eye-opener training sessions.

Our approach to this important issue is unique by offering highly reputed and up-to-date hands-on practical training. That means, not only the student will have the opportunity to examine hundreds of treated-untreated gems in our gem treatment lab, but also to actually perform certain gem treatment process throughout the training course.

Our in-depth, diversified knowledge for over 38 years in the gem treatment business enable us to offer you the best information and expert training on the subject, not available anywhere in the world, at any educational institution, at any price. The courses are given above the "base" level designed for gemologists, gem traders, gem treaters, gemology instructors, corporate executives and just about anyone who has a keen interest on the subject.

The courses is conducted by Ted Themelis, an international authority on the subject and author of the Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire (First and Second Edition), Beryllium-Treated Ruby & Sapphire, Flux-Enhanced Rubies & Sapphires and frequent speaker on gem treatments on international conferences. This is an opportunity to visit Bangkok and combine business with pleasure while getting your unique practical on-hands training lab sessions in gem treating.

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