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DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE #610: Heat Treatment of Ruby-Sapphire

Learn the gem treatments from Ted Themelis, one of the world's foremost authority on the subject, original creator and instructor of this course. The course #610 has been taught continuously since 2003 revealing the true and conceiving picture of the gemstone industry. Forensic gemology prevails throughout the course with presentations, demonstrations, actual examples and on-hands practical lab sessions.

You will gain invaluable and rare insights into the unique world of the gem treatments. And more importantly, will be prepared to take your place among the leading figures in the gem & jewelry industry and avoid costly mistakes. The course prevented some participants to invest in gem mining schemes, thus saved them couple million of dollars. Others, when the true nature of the industry was revealed, abandon their activities and involvement in this industry and turn their interests elsewhere.

Ted's training course is a series of private tutorials in the form of working seminars not affiliated with any private of government institutions; it is one of its kind available today in the world that provides unique training in the treatment of ruby-sapphire and other gems.

What you will learn:

For a week you will study under the personal tutelage and watchful eyes of Ted working together on actual lab environment. One-to-one instruction supplemented by powerful detailed presentations and practical experience, all of which ultimately will empower you with confidence to walk out at the end of the course and find yourself enriched with knowledge and skills to put you miles ahead of your competition. Although, at the end of the course you will not become a true expert in treating gemstones, this course will help you to develop a comprehensive knowledge in your career that ultimately help your business. It is to emphasize that this is not a gem identification course though many aspects of the gem identification will be discussed. In the course we use technical terminology based on material science, not distorted terms "invented" to serve specific purposes.
Click here to review syllabus of the #610 course

Who will benefit:

  • Dedicated gemologists and students of gemology wishing to unlock the secrets on gem treatments
  • Gemology instructors and educators who want to expand their gemological knowledge.
  • Research gemologists wishing to learn true facts beyond the traditional gemology
  • Gem dealers who want to know more about gem treatments
  • Gem treaters wishing to expand their current knowledge especially on fluxes and other additives
  • Gem miners who would like to determine the true potentiality of the gems produced at their mines
  • Individuals wishing to acquire the technical skills to develop their own gem treatment facility

Past participants include gem dealers, gemologists, gem educators, strudents of gemology, gem miners; moreover, real-estate agents, investment bankers, judges, lawyers, advertising-executives, unemployed, wondering souls, curious wealthy persons looking for potential investoments, hobbyists and other individuals of all walks of life.

Who should NOT take the course:

  • Individuals who do not have the time to study and willing to fully understand the topics
  • Individuals who expect to invest little effort in equipment and technology and get fabulous results
  • Individuals who expect to be proficient in gem treatments in a relatively short period of time
  • Individuals who expect the learn only how to identify untreated-treated gemstones
  • Individuals who are "closed-minded" refusing to accept new concepts & techniques
  • Individuals enrolling the course for the purpose to plagiarize-copy for their own promotion

What you will earn:

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive the "Certificate of Attendance". But more importantly it will learn first-hand experience and practical training that you never had before and you will never forget.

Excursion Field Trip (optional, conditions permitted):

Upon request, and if time and conditions permitted, a two-day field trip to Chanthaburi can be organized where you will experience in person:

  • Visit Chanthaburi's weekend gem market
  • Visit to a Thai ruby-sapphire heating facility
  • Visit to a gem cutting factory
  • Visit the famous sapphire mines at Bang-kha-cha

Cost is about US$150 all inclusive (mini-van transportation, hotel, all meals). Minimum 4 persons.


Please refer to the home page.

  • Dates offered on a standby basis
  • Contact us for availability and confirmation
Gemlab - gem treating laboratory premises in Bangkok, Thailand
6 days, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM; one hour lunch break, 5 min break between sessions
High school diploma, common sense, and some prior gemological knowledge

Total of 50 sessions(tutorial and lab-practical) will be taught as follows:

TUTORIAL: Covers about 40% of theory and includes: Handouts, notes, and printed copy of all Power Point presentations discussed

LAB-PRACTICAL: Covers about 60% of practical on-hands experience spent in the course. Each participant is assigned to a work station equipped with a gemological microscope for examining selected rubies-sapphires before/after treatment. Also, immersion microscope, UV-VIS spectrophotometer and other gemological instruments are available during the course for general use. Participants will have the opportunity to view live demonstration of various treatment equipment and perform treating processes on ruby-sapphire.

Click here to review syllabus of the #610 course

  • More than 1200 gems are provided for examination before-after treatment
  • All gems for the practical treatment runs are provided
  • Participants may submit their own gems to be treated together with the scheduled provided that they are compatible with the heating process
Registration form must be completed before enrolling the course for evaluation prior to acceptance of the participant. Click here to see the registration form.

TUITION: Tuition is US$2,200 per person and includes the following:

  • Tuition (all sessions and practical)
  • Comprehensive textbook with all PP
  • Selected gems before-after treatment
  • Use of gem treatment furnaces & apparatuses
  • Use of the microscopes
  • Unlimited refreshments
Cancelled by Gemlab/Ted Themelis: Full cash refund
Cancelled by the student within 20 days prior to the scheduled date or "no show" at the scheduled date: No cash refund. Student will be automatically assigned to next available class without cost
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the topics, taking photos or videotape recordings during the class and practical sessions is strictly PROHIBITED.
  • During the sessions all mobile phones must but be shut-down.
  • Due to time limitation and amount of content the course must start on time.
  • We reserve to right to refuse participation to anyone and for any reason.

In nearly all cases, foreign participants enter Thailand with normal tourist visa obtained "on-arrival" valid for 30 days. We do not issue letter of invitation for enrollment. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain visa to enroll.


The gem treatment practical hands-on sessions will be performed as time and availability of the gem material permitted. These gem treatment processes are given at or slightly above the "base level" intended for demonstration purposes; the optimum results after the gem treatment cannot be achieved due to time limitations of the course.

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